Peter Orsel

My Story

About me

My name is Peter. I’m a Dutch travel photographer and have been traveling full time since September 2021. Every place has its own story and I love to tell these stories through my artwork. Whenever I travel, I try to leave each place a bit more beautiful than I found it. My main inspiration is God, who created this majestic world. He deserves all the glory of my work. Lastly, I care about the unseen. I’ve just been lucky that I’ve been born in The Netherlands and I’ll try all I can to help the less privileged while traveling the world.

How It Started

As many other photographers, I didn’t really plan to become a real photographer. I bought my first camera back in 2014 when I wanted to document my first adventure. I was about to visit Bali for an internship of 5 months, and wasn’t too sure about the quality of my iPhone 5 photos. My first real camera was an entry level Canon DSLR and I started using it on auto mode. In fact I just didn’t know what I was doing. When I look back at all these shots, I have a clear example of how not to take photos. But, I’m happy with all the experience I got, because it’s where this journey started.

Over the years I’ve had moments where I’ve been shooting a lot, but also moments where I didn’t touch my camera for a couple of months. I ended up going to the zoo every two weeks to practice my shots on animals. I’ve read countless blogs, experimented with settings and just tried to find out what I liked about it. I started to understand photography when I started to recreate shots of some of my favourite creators. If they could take that photo, I could it as well, right? When I started to understand some fundamentals, I developed my eye for compositions and I was ready to create my own art.

The last couple of years I’ve been getting serious about photography. I upgraded my DSLR to a mirrorless full frame camera and I started to do more and more projects. I also invested my time in understanding Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop more and more. Right now I’ve worked for local churches, small businesses and multinationals! In 2021 I decided to quit my job and pursue my dreams to become a travel photographer.

Where Are You Now?

After spending some amazing months in South America, I'm currently in Europe. I'm looking forward to catch some ski slopes and I'm busy planning a trip to Indonesia.  In May I've got trips to Lisbon and Tanzania planned. Let's see where I'll end up after that!

How Can I Work With You?

I’m glad you ask! The best way to contact me is through my contact form. You may also send me a DM through Instagram.

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