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See the unseen. Sharing my talents with charities is something that is super important to me. I believe that God gave me talents to use in His Kingdom. Whenever I travel, I keep my eyes open for opportunities. 

During the projects, I usually take photos to support the organisation for marketing purposes. I’m not just there to take photos, as I also want to understand the essence of the organisation I’m working with. Hearing stories, connecting with people, playing with the children, it’s all part of telling the story of these wonderful people. 

Showcasing 4 Projects

Deaf Community in Indonesia - 2023

Indonesia is one of my all time favourite countries in the world and a place I’ll always get back to. In March 2023 I decided to spend 2 months in Bali to catch up on work. I got in touch with a girl who was touched by the situation of the deaf community in Indonesia. She tries to reach the United Nations and the Indonesian government to give hope and a future to deaf people in Indonesia, as they don’t have a prosperous future right now. Together we visited a school for deaf children to take photos, used to raise awareness for this campaign. 

Casa Embera - Medellín - 2022

While traveling through Colombia, I ran into an organization called Casa Embera. Beth and Travis are American missionaries who moved to Colombia, where they take care of the Embera tribe in the city of Medellin. These people had to flee from the jungle due to internal conflicts. They offer a place for children to teach them more about hygiene, the Spanish language, and about God. From the moment I met these children, they had my heart. It’s not only about the children, as the organization also helps the parents to grow a business in jewelry. This is one of the incredible skills of the Embera people, so I highly recommend checking out the Embera Bead Project!

Muskathlon NL - THDV - 2022

In October 2022, I travelled with a group of about 40 people through The Netherlands, to raise awareness for forced prostitution and human trafficking in The Netherlands. Prostitution might be legalised, but that doesn’t mean that criminality is gone. On this journey we met survivors, visited the red light district and heard about the work of Tot Heil Des Volks – Scharlaken Koord in Amsterdam and other parts of The Netherlands. Besides that, all participants raised at least €10.000 euros each for Scharlaken Koord. They will use the money to raise awareness and to help women out of prostitution, if they’re ready for it. 

Muskathlon Iraq - 2022

In September 2022, I traveled with a group of about 40 people to Iraq. In collaboration with Open Doors, we visited the last remaining Christian city in the country. All the people I spoke with, had to flee at least once in their life, just because they were Christian. Converting to Christianity from islam is seen as a sin. It gives family members the right to kill this converted person, something that still happens. All our athletes raised €10.000 euros to support the Christian community because they don’t get equal chances, and the government doesn’t really care about them. With this money, we also helped with micro credits to build back sustainable businesses that were lost during the IS occupation.

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