24 Hours in Rio de Janeiro as a Photographer: This Is What You Should Do

Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro taken with a drone.

Rio de Janeiro is an enormous city. Even though it’s not Brazils capital, it’s still the most famous city of the country and a bucket list destination for many people all over the world. It hosts one of the world wonders, Christ the Redeemer, and some of the most incredible city beaches in the world. If you just have 24 hours in Rio de Janeiro and you want to take some incredible photos, this is what you should do.

Why You Should Not Contribute To Unsplash+ as a Photographer

I got accepted as a contributor for the Unsplash+ premium program and almost started uploading my files to earn some quick money, but right before that moment came I decided not to do it. In this blog I’ll explain Unplash+ from a creator point of view and why I think you shouldn’t contribute to it.

The Best Photography Spots in Bangkok, Thailand

Wat Paknam Phasi Charoen, The Big Golden Buddha in Bangkok

During my first months in Thailand, I stayed several weeks in Bangkok to find the best photography spots. In this list you’ll find 8 of my favourite spots. Make sure you’ll give them a go on your next trip to Bangkok!

7 Tips To Take Your Drone Photos To The Next Level

Drone Photography is booming. In this post I’ll share 7 best tips I wish I knew before I started flying my DJI drone. If you adapt these properly, I’m sure your photos will go to the next level.

A Quick Photography Guide for Meteora, Greece

In this quick photography guide I’ll tell you all you need to know before capturing the wonderful monasteries of Meteora in Greece. After reading this, you’ll be inspired and excited to visit this wonderful region around Kalambaka, Greece!