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The Best Photography Spots of Taipei, Taiwan

Elephant Mountain view in Taipei with a person in the foreground and Taipei 101 in the back.

Let me tell you: Taipei is a dream destination for travel photographers. I spontaneously decided to visit Taiwan last year and immediately fell in love with it. Visiting Taiwan is great because of their kindness, their innovations, the nature, the food, and so much more. It’s also incredibly safe! In this blog, I’ll take you with me to show you the best photography spots of Taipei, or just out of Taipei.

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Aerial photo of Taiwan around Keelung with sea, city, sports and mountains.
Aerial View around Keelung

The best time to visit Taiwan

Before you plan your trip to Taiwan, you probably want to know the best time of the year to go. I personally love the climate of Taiwan. It’s never too cold, but it can get rainy sometimes. In terms of temperature, the best time of the year is between October and April. The summer months can be hot, humid, and rainy. I visited Taiwan in February, and it’s a great option for someone used to European climates.

Where to stay in Taipei?

Before you make your way to Taiwan, you want to know where to stay. There’s a variety of options and something for each budget. If you’re a solo traveler like me, you might want to stay in a hostel. If you’re a couple on a world trip, you might pick a private room. Maybe you’ve got something to celebrate or just a bit more to spend and you want to have a fancy experience. Everything is possible. Here are some recommendations, all found on

– Star Hostel Taipei Main Station  – Around $29 for a bunk bed, including breakfast.

– Chez Nous Taipei – Around $108 for a private room, including breakfast.

– Grand Mayfull Taipei – Around $200 for a private room in a fancy 5 star hotel.

Or search your accommodation below: 

Can I fly a drone in Taiwan?

As I’m very passionate about drone photography, I’m always checking drone laws before I enter a country. My drone got confiscated once in Morocco and it’s a big hassle, so better safe than sorry. I brought my drone to Taiwan and flew on a couple of spots. I didn’t face any issues. If I’m not sure about the laws, I usually check this website giving me more information about specific destinations.

How to travel around in Taiwan?

During my time in Taiwan, I used public transportation. The trains have a high standard and are very quick, as you may expect from a country like Taiwan.

Another option is to travel by car. It gives you the flexibility to go wherever you want, whenever you want. For Taipei and its surroundings, public transportation is the perfect way to get around. When you want to go towards the national parks, I’d recommend a car. It gives you a lot of freedom and simply makes traveling easier. Especially Hualien would be a region I’d love to discover by car!

Whenever I rent a car, I use Rentalcars. There’s always a wide range of cars and suppliers available with flexible cancellation options. Find some options below!

City view of Taipei, Taiwan during sunset from the Elephant Mountain
Sunsets in Taipei don't get much better than this

1. Elephant Mountain

The first photo spot to highlight is the one most people are looking for. Elephant Mountain. This spot takes about 20 minutes of stairs to climb, and offers the best views of Taipei. It’s also the best spot to see the sunset in Taipei! At this spot, you can climb on a variety of rocks to get the best view. If you’re going for sunset, make sure you arrive early. This way you can check all the spots first, before you pick one for your sunset! 

To get to Elephant Mountain, it’s easiest to take public transportation. Head to this spot and start climbing the stairs from there. 


Taipei 101 taken from a famous street during the night
Taipei 101 during the night

2. Taipei 101

Once the highest building in the world and still extremely impressive to see: the Taipei 101. You can’t not see it from Elephant Mountain, but of course it’s super impressive to see the tower from a city POV too. A famous spot to capture the Taipei 101 is this little street. The best time to capture this is right after sunset during blue hour, or the early hours of the night. Bring your tripod or use the available benches and little walls to get a sharp long exposure! 


3. Scooter Waterfall

Many photographers have been lining up during the early hours of the day, to capture this thing called Scooter Waterfall. During rush hour, up to 800 scooters go down from the Taipei Bridge into the city. To capture the shot, you have to walk a cross-over, point your camera to the bridge and click! The exact location can be found here. Make sure that you don’t forget about your own safety while taking this photo. If I can give a lens recommendation, I’d say a 70-200 or something similar. It will give that compressed look as you see on the photo above.

Colourful houses near Keelung in Taiwan
Zhengbin Port Color Houses

4. Zhengbin Port Color Houses - Keelung

Keelung is a city just one hour by train away from Taipei. I visited this town on the North coast to capture the colourful houses and of course to visit the famous night market. To shoot the colourful houses of Keelung, you can take the bus. Buses are very reliable and it took me about 20 minutes from the city center of Keelung. The area has some restaurants and cafes for a chill afternoon. You can also walk around and see the sea, but besides that there’s nothing much too do. To get to the spot where I took my photo, navigate here. 

Right after shooting the colourful houses, I’d recommend to go back to Keelung to stay there, back to Taipei or move on to Jiufen! The night market of Keelung is something else, and surely a place travel photographers would love as well. 

Photo by Lisanto 李奕良 on Unsplash.

5. Jiufen

Jiufen is one of these little towns you can’t miss. Yet still I managed miss it. The town has this vibes that you’re looking for when visiting a country like Taiwan. Some highlights to capture here are Jiufen Old Street, the Golden Waterfall and Yinyang Sea. To capture Old Street without people, you have to wake up early as it’s usually full of tourists. 

These are the best photography spots of Taipei! If you’ve got more time, head to Hualien or Taichung. Especially Taroko National Park and Sun Moon Lake are beautiful destinations for photography. Any spots missing? Let me know below!

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